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سجل يومياتك بالانجليزي

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    فكرة هائلة

    يالله يابنات شددن الهمم

    مشكورة ام سلوم


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      تسلمون عالجهد والمحاوله.......

      but there is alot of errors in your writings

      be careful of grammer and spelling


      wald aldoha


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        nice idea i wanna join you

        ok today i wake up at 9 am and my sister's daughter was sick and her mother was in the hospital so i gave her some medicions .then i had my breakfast . after that all i started to clean my room
        preparing for the school's new year
        then i talked to my friend . and now i'm writing my diarey
        أنا " الصغيرونة " سابقا
        وسأظل صغيرونة المنتدى

        welcome to my blog


        ربي لاتعذب أبي ،، فإنك سبحانك غني عن تعذيبه


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          أم سلوم

          Hi there um saloom it's a great idea to encourage people to writ there dairies
          in English it will help them improve there English writing Skills

          I will till you about yesterday, it all started when i felt strange in the morning after
          i woke up to go to work , coughing sneezing i realized it i have the flu :57_asmili and some fever

          so i excused from my job early and went home to sleep like Ahl Al Kahf :h_embageg :h_embageg

          that’s all

          thanks for the wonderful idea


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            I Wish I Have Big Holidays>>>>>>

            nice to meet you

            نعيب زماننا والعيب فينا
            وما لزماننا عيب سوانا
            ونهجو ذا الزمان بغير ذنب
            ولو نطق الزمان بنا هجانا


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              Mrs Om Sloom .. May I ask you a question ?

              [frame="11 70"]Dear sister , Om sloom ,

              I've just logged on to your brilliant idea entitiled ( سجل يومياتك بالإنجليزي ) ..

              Please allow me to greet you from the depth of my heart as it's a an intelligent way

              for learning by " corrceting mistakes " ..

              In fact , It's an efficient method of making people learn ...

              I always support it ..

              Thanks again and again ..

              But here's my qustion :--

              Are those diaries only for women ??

              Clearly , can any man take part in it ??

              I look forward to hearing from you so soon

              Yours fauthfully ,



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                الى مجموعة الريم

                hi kirep ailram موضع جيد جدا واتمنى من لديه الفراغ ان يعلمني


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                  موضوع اكثر من رائع تسلمين اختي مرة اخرى

                  صقر الاماراتي سلامات ما تشوف شر

                  ان شا الله اليوم احسن



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                    أختي نعمة علي

                    حياج الله معانا نورتي المنتدى

                    اطلبي وانا تحت امرج



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                      ysterday while i was going to my universty , i sow A painful accident .the two drivers was diing i felt very sad about it and i sad for my friend who are driving be carfull when you drive :h_dam3ah:
                      Last edited by الحياه; 10-10-05, 12:20 am.


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                        أختي الحياة الظاهر انج كنتي تكتبين بدون نفس

                        القطعة فيها اخطاء وااااااايد

                        اكييييييد ما راح اصححها لج لأني اعرف انه لج باع طويل معانا في الامارة وانتظر تصحيحج للغة يا الحياة



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                          ha ha ha ha

                          You are a clever member how you know that:54_asmili

                          If you want the true it' wasn't my paragraph, this was for my sister she said "I want to

                          write what I saw yesterday, I said Ok , but if i know she will make a lot of mistake I won't

                          :h_shey6an Let her to write^_^

                          the paragraph after I do the proofreading

                          Yesterday i went to my university. I sow a painful accident .the two drivers was die. I

                          felt very sad about it .Then I said for my friends who have a driving license be careful when you drive

                          In the end
                          I'm waiting for my teacher "am saloom" and reem alrmal to chick my paragraph


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                            yes that you as iknow you

                            Pro. in English ya الحياة




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                              Hi Om Saloum …
                              At first I want to thank you about this choosing …
                              It's growing up the members and improves their language.
                              But I have a question if you don't mind to answering me ….Ok
                              ?Why in first message you conducting to the female :57_asmili :h_kekh:
                              It must be generality
                              Best regard
                              Your brother in Islam:
                              Abo Tamim


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                                عبد العلي ..

                                ولد الدوحة ..

                                الصغيرونة ..

                                الصقر الإماراتي .. Good job

                                سحايب ... I Wish I Have Big ( a long) Holidays

                                سلفي بن الخطاب .. sure you can join us .. and you are welcome :h_mar7aba

                                نعمه علي .. sure we can help :h_daleel:

                                ريم الرمال26 .. Thanks alot for your efforts :h_gamzah:

                                ابو تـميم .. My apologize brother for the misunderstanding .. sure .. you and other men can join us .. you are welcome and we are waiting for your diary

                                Again .. my apologize for being late in replying all of you .. and inshaAllah we will keep in touch fron now and going on .. my best wishes for all of you and I am waiting for your