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قولولي رايكم بسررررررررررررررعة

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  • قولولي رايكم بسررررررررررررررعة

    هذي ابيات كتبنها و حبيت اعرضها لكم عشان اعرف رايكم فيها
    بصراحه انا احب وااااايد اكتب بالانجليزي وفي مسابقة شعر بغيت اشترك فيها عشان جذيه حبيت اعرف رايكم بصراحه...


    You show me who I’m inside
    Told me to never let my feelings hide

    To speak my mind when I feel the need
    To watch for those who’ll make my heart bleed

    "To follow the rules to listen and obey “told me that there is no tomorrow without a today

    You taught me how to make my dreams come true
    To respect my elders, that being you

    Thank you for the tings you show
    For teaching me and helping me grow

    But wish u still here now with me as you always used to be
    Wish you here Mom and it’s only “we” to watch your little girl closely and what she turned to be

    I remember when I promised you that I’m not going to cry
    And that I will take care of my colored eyes

    I know that I have to move on stronger and try not to fall
    "I remember when you told me that it will always be “we as whole

    So I should be thank full that you have been there No matter how long but one day were
    You know that I’ll always love you Mom and in my heart you will always be.... I swear

    Back off

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    أخوي..جيد ولكن ممكن تترجمها عشان أشوف هنيه وهناك..

    شد حيلك أخوي أو استاذ
    منتديات نزهة المشتاقين الدعوية


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      Good starting my brother and keep going like this and sure you will be a good poem
      really i enjoyed my time with your poem and espically because it is about all mother

      "Gad please protect my mother and all mothers in the word"

      i agree with mister Hsam
      pleast translate it in arabic


      • #4
        Thanks people
        But there is something I would like to say
        First the poem is about my Mother
        Second I’m a girl and I guess that was shown throw what I wrote
        But I guess it’s my nick ….little confusing
        But any way I’ll try to translate it so you can get it
        Thanks a gain


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          Sorry for confusing
          Also me i thought that you are a boy
          Sorry my sister and I hope we will be a good friend